Please contact us for an obligation free quote on your document examination needs.

Please note the following:

All correspondence with the expert can be discoverable in legal proceedings. Please keep all correspondence factual and objective and avoid adding biasing information.

Melanie Holt may not be designated or in any way indicated as a retained expert unless payment of the non-refundable retainer and a signed Engagement Agreement for Expert Services (available upon request) has been received in our office.

Please submit your contact information and outline the names of ALL parties involved, including lawyers and law firms.  

Once a conflict check has been performed, we will send you a quote, complete current CV and Engagement Agreement for Expert Services, if requested.  

Please note that sending this information only indicates there is no conflict at the time of contact. Only upon receipt of the signed Engagement Agreement and non-refundable retainer are we considered officially retained and therefore unavailable to the other side should we be contacted.

Further note, this firm rarely accepts private cases. All enquiries should come through a legal representative, business or government agency.

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